4.1.2- Minor Bridge Design

HighSpans Engineering, Inc., is a Ft. Myers based engineering firm specializing in structural design, and construction engineering inspection. HighSpans is Unlimited State of Florida Prequalification in work groups 4.1.1 & 4.1.2 Miscellaneous Structures and Bridge Design, and 10.1-4 CEI; and is a certified DBE/MBE. We are experienced in Water Control Structures, Large, Medium and Small Bridges, Traffic Structures, Retaining Walls, and MOT Plans. Examples of HighSpans water control structure projects include: Award-wining City of Fort Myers Downtown Basin retaining walls, weir and Pedestrian Bridge for the City of Ft. Myers; East County Water Control District Yellowtail Weir Project replacing two failing water control structures, City of North Port Myakkahatchee Creek Weir and the City of Cape Coral Gator Slough Weir.

4.1.1- Retaining Wall & Misc. Structures

HighSpans is experienced in the design of miscellaneous transportation structures such as sound barriers and sound walls, structural supports for overhead sign structures, luminaries, and traffic signals. Structural supports include concrete drilled shaft foundations, spread footers, concrete and helical piles, and connection details.