HighSpans provides construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services to DOT and government agencies, and CQC/Specialty Engineering services to Contractors to assure clients that their projects are built in accordance with their plans and specifications. We provide experienced inspectors, construction engineers and project managers for roadway and bridge projects, and airport and water control projects. HighSpans Inspectors are state certified in such areas as post-tensioning inspection, concrete, steel erection, drilled shaft and pile driving foundations, traffic control, and asphalt plant inspection. Our construction engineers specialize in structures and also participate in design, thereby adding value to the process and increasing benefit to the end user.

10.1- Roadway Construction Engineering Inspection

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10.3- Construction Materials Inspection

Our Asphalt Plant Inspectors run verification tests, completed lot packages, run tests on roadway GMB density cores, monitor truck temps, oversee randomly generated QC pay samples, and Process Control samples, complete Superpave and Marshall Ticket Book Covers, build Master CPF workbooks, oversee Quality Control (QC) technicians performing tests ensuring proper test procedures are followed, pull monthly plant Scale Checks, verify that all laboratory equipment used is being calibrated, verify Contractor compliance with Specifications 300-341 and 916 requirements, including tonnage limits of initial lots, ensure that all samples meet Master production range tolerances for tables 334-5 and 337-2, and that verification samples meet the Between-Laboratory Precision Values to Table 334-6 for comparison.

10.4- Minor Bridge and Miscellaneous Structures CEI

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