9.2- Geotechnical Classification Lab Testing

When your project requires geotechnical testing, our in-house lab can perform a multitude of services to help classify the soils and determine other parameters.  Our Engineering Technicians and Geotechnical Engineers can perform moisture content, grain size, Atterberg limits, proctors (standard and modified), and Limerock Bearing Ratio, among many other tests.  Our lab maintains CMEC and FDOT accreditation.

9.3- Highway Materials Testing

HighSpans Engineering owns and operates a materials testing laboratory in Ft. Myers, just west of I-75 off Treeline Road.  This laboratory is qualified to run the majority of materials testing that would be encountered on an FDOT roadway project.  It is accredited by both FDOT and CMEC for soils and concrete materials testing and testing can be performed in accordance with either ASTM, AASHTO, or FDOT testing procedures. 

In accordance with FDOT guidelines, HighSpans Engineering can process both quality control and verification testing.  All tests are performed by fully qualified and experienced personnel in a timely manner while ensuring accurate and precise results.  All testing is done in compliance with the requested test method and agency.  Because HighSpans Engineering is a CEI firm and maintains a CMEC qualified laboratory, there are extra requirements that apply to CEI inspections.  All technicians performing testing, whether in the field or lab, are trained and tested at a set frequency.  This testing ensures technicians are qualified, experienced, and up to date on the latest test methods.