7.1 – Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization

HighSpans Services include the design and preparation of construction plans for roadway signing, pavement marking, and channelization devices. It is imperative to generate clear and concise pavement markings and signage to effectively guide all road users along the roadway and warn of potential hazards. Such work involves structural support for overhead/cantilever signage and foundation calculations, and requires a basic knowledge of traffic engineering studies and context classification.

7.3 – Signalization

HighSpans Services include designing, preparing construction plans, and writing specifications for traffic signalization for local agencies, such as cities and counties, as well as for FDOT. Such work involves capacity/LOS calculations, signal operating plan development, timing calculations for pedestrian and vehicular traffic signals, cabinet and controller equipment locations, pole and foundation designs, etc., and requires a basic knowledge of traffic engineering studies, traffic signal retiming, and roadway/intersection geometrics.