To fulfill our mission of providing the highest quality, technically savvy team of structural design engineers and field personnel in the industry, our two-part strategy is simple:

  1. Create an environment where A-team employees enjoy coming to work;
  2. Treat A-team employees like A-team employees.

To find and maintain a team of the highest competency level, we are committed to providing not only the highest compensation rewards package possible, but also a work environment of mutual respect and gratitude.

Key elements of strategy include:

  • Training: Professional development and project diversity to increase marketability of each employee
  • Salary: Competitive PLUS
  • Advancement: Fair, inclusive, based on both team and individual performance
  • Work Environment: Positive, Productive, Supportive
  • Physical Work Space: “Green” and health-promoting
  • Balance: Life/Work is emphasized and encouraged
  • Security: Benefits package that assures employees and families can create a secure future

At HighSpans, an Employee is Never a Number!