HighSpans Engineering

Where structural design meets construction engineering

Who we are

HighSpans Engineering, Inc., is a Civil Engineering Consulting Firm specializing in Structural Design, Construction Engineering and Inspection, and Transportation Materials Testing. Our clients include state departments of transportation, federal agencies, local and municipal governments, and private industry.

Located in Southwest Florida, the Company’s continual rapid growth reflects both the need for its specialized structural engineering skills, and the highly successful track record of its founding principal engineer.

This achievement relates directly to a unique blend of experience – design and construction.  In pursuit of this characteristic, HighSpans continually develops a team of the highest quality structural engineers, designers and field inspection personnel who are crossed trained in as many disciplines possible to provide a broader perspective of transportation projects.  In providing skills in both the design and build phases of a project, HighSpans bridges the gap between structural design and constructability.

HighSpans Engineering, Inc. is a certified DBE & MBE & SBE in the State of Florida.

Our Services

Structural Engineering

Veronica Shoemaker

Civil/Highway Design

Facilities Design

Materials Testing​

Our Mission

The mission of HighSpans Engineering is To Better The Lives Of Those Around Us By Improving Mobility, Beautifying Surroundings, Enhancing Safety And Supporting The Environment.

  • To provide public service and stewardship of the transportation system in a manner that reflects our professionalism, our focus on safety, and our prudence with the public purse.
  • To foster individual success and satisfaction for a job well done.
  • To provide a healthy and prosperous working-environment for our employees.

Our Vision

Management’s long-term vision of HighSpans Engineering is to be the Company where:

  • Structural engineers, designers and field inspection personnel come to fulfill their POTENTIAL in a respectful ENVIRONMENT providing new and varied CHALLENGES;
  • Customers come to experience excellent PERFORMANCE, complete COMMITMENT, and PROMISES FULFILLED;
  • Peer companies come to team in the true spirit of FAIRNESS, PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY and SUCCESS.

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